Solibri Model Viewer – Online Help

Importing an IFC Model

When you are viewing a BIM model the first step is to import the model from one of the file formats supported by Solibri Model Viewer. Currently these include the ifc (Industry Foundation Classes) versions IFC2x, IFC2x2, and IFC2x3 which all have the ‘ifc’ file extension. You may also use compressed (zipped) and optimized (Solibri IFC Optimizer) IFC files.

To import an IFC model:

  1. Select Open… from File layout and select the IFC file you want to import
  2. Import process begins
  3. After the file has been imported, the building is shown in the 3D View and its structure and components can be shown in the Model Tree View

Note: You can also open a model from Recent Files.qq

Opening an SMC Model

A model saved in the native SMC format (‘smc’ or smct file extension) contains all model data, rule set information, presentations, and checking results from a previous Solibri Model Checker checking session.

To open a SMC model:

  1. Select Open… from File layout and select the SMC model file you want to open
  2. Opening process begins
  3. After the file has been opened, the building is shown in the 3D View and its structure and components can be shown in the Model Tree View

Note: You can also open a model from Recent Files.

User Interface

Functionality of Solibri Model Viewer is arranged in different Views. You can resize, change location, close and open them. Views that are not visible by default can be seen from the view list in the top right corner of the SMV window.

Model Tree
3D View
Info View
Checking View
Presentation View
Selection Basket (not visible by default)
Parameters View (not visible by default)
Results View (not visible by default)
Information Takeoff
Issue Sorter View
 (SMV Pro only)

Model Tree

Model Tree View shows all components in the model. You can see containment of the model(s) and get information about components. Components are organized in different hierarchies.

  • Containment hierarchy
  • Component hierarchy
  • Layer hierarchy
  • Federated Floors hierarchy

3D View

Solibri Model Viewer provides a powerful 3D view of a BIM model, which makes it easy to examine the building and to locate specific components.

The building can be viewed from any direction and distance and examined using the walk-through functionality. It is also possible to view just a part of the building by using selection basket or sectioning tool.

The 3D toolbar has functionality to navigation, visualization and manipulation 3D View. The toolbar can be divided into the following sections:

  • Undo and Redo
  • Navigation tools
    • Pan
    • Rotate
    • Walk
    • Game
  • Component manipulating tools
    • Info
    • Select
    • Transparency
    • Hide
    • Markup
    • Dimension
    • Section
  • Selection visualization tools
    • Show All Components
  • Zooming tools
    • Zoom Extents
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
  • Viewing status tools
    • Predefined Viewpoints (Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, and Bottom)
    • Show/Hide Spaces
    • Inside/Outside View Settings

Note: 3D View has a popup menu

Selection Basket

This feature shows the details highlighted and chosen for you to work with.

Checking View

The Checking View allows you to view checking results saved with the model.

Presentation View

The Presentation View allows you to view all presentations of the model. A presentation contains issues, which are annotated design viewpoints that take you to points of interest in the model. The issues are not just plain snapshots. At all times you have the full power of a live model available allowing you to further investigate each situation. A presentation can be shown as a slide show.

You can also search for issues from a selected presentation as needed.

Issues Sorter View (SMV Pro only)

This view includes all issues in the selected presentations as snapshots. This allows a fast overview of multiple issues. The selected issues will be shown in the 3D View. You can investigate issue, and add your own comment in bottom of the 3d view, right side. Note that your name in comments will be the same as your registration email address.

Parameters View

Results View

Information Takeoff View

The Information Takeoff View allows you to view information takeoffs saved with the model.

Hyperlink Manager View

The Hyperlink Manager View allows you to view hyperlinks saved with the model.