Check your design before you build and save time, money and the environment

Discover and fix mistakes before they even happen. With Solibri you can start building correctly from the start.


Avoid expensive surprises

Construction is a complex industry filled with pitfalls. By checking and correcting your design early on in the process you can forsee and avoid most expensive on-site surprises alltogether.

Proactivity that pays off
Ready to let quality assurance improve your bottom line?

Minimize waste while increasing profit

Did you know up to 13% of products delivered to construction sites end up in landfill without being used? This has to stop and there is finally a solution to the problem.

Let accurate model data do the job for you. Solibri helps you save both money and the environment by minimizing your construction leftover-waste.

Let data guide you
Ready to let model information shrink your environmental footprint?

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Three reasons to embrace quality assurance

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Pitch with confidence

Equip your team with the best quality assurance tool that helps you deliver any big project on time and on budget.

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Win big projects

Gain the confidence needed to meet the most demanding expectations of potential customers by alway knowing you can deliver on time.

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Manage complexity

Save time, money and the environment by managing the complexity of the whole construction process with one tool.