Case Bridge Hospital: Quality Assurance from Architect’s Perspective

In this webinar, Janne Kivelä from Harris-Kjisik Architects shares his experiences on the BIM coordination and quality assurance in the multimillion Bridge Hospital project.

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Webinar content:

  • Case Bridge Hospital: Quality Assurance from Architect’s Perspective. Janne Kivelä, Architect and BIM Specialist at Harris-Kjisik Architects.
  • Q&A: Going through audience questions.

Case Bridge Hospital: Quality Assurance from Architect’s Perspective

Bridge Hospital is the largest building project so far conducted by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), the biggest health care provider in Finland. This several-year project is now in the construction phase. Throughout the process, information models have played a significant role in management and efficiency – the project combines 16 different disciplines and over 200 sub-models. Harris-Kjisik Architects is part of a joint venture of 4 architectural offices which have represented many roles in the project, from principal designer to architect and BIM coordinator.

Janne Kivelä has been working as an architect and BIM specialist at Harris-Kjisik Architects since 2017. Before that he has accumulated over 10 years of experience with diverse and demanding building design projects. Between 2015 and 2017 he worked as a BIM coordinator in dozens of building projects ranging from small to large.