Case Drees & Sommer – taking clash detection to the next level

Watch this webinar presented with Moritz Mombour and Leonard Pudwitz from Drees & Sommer, discussing their custom collision rules using Solibri API.

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Webinar content:

  • Case Drees & Sommer- Taking clash detection to the next level. Moritz Mombour, a Senior Expert, and Leonard Pudwitz, a computer science undergraduate at Drees & Sommer SE.
  • Q&A: Going through some of the audience questions.

Case Drees & Sommer- Taking clash detection to the next level!

In the course of complex construction projects, the number of potentially relevant clashes can increase exponentially, causing the need for manual pre-structuring, a repetitive process for assessing and naming of these issues. This process is often time-consuming, but crucial for productive coordination.

In this webinar, Moritz and Leonard from Drees & Sommer discuss their custom collision rule using the Solibri API To streamline the listed tasks and reduce preparation time. This approach allows users to automatically group, prioritise and name clash results using easy-to-use external configuration files.
This way, the rule allows users to concentrate on their main task - coordinating and solving issues without additional data preparation.

    Moritz Mombour is a Senior Expert, Building Performance – Integrated Design at Drees & Sommer SE, the leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise. Moritz supports interdisciplinary project teams to maximize the utilization of model-based coordination applications throughout the whole project cycle. His teams` primary task is to develop robust and flexible cross-application workflows and digital standards in consultation with all parties involved.

    Leonard Pudwitz is a computer science undergraduate who has been working at process automation throughout his study. As a working student at Drees & Sommer he has been tasked with programming and implementing specific requirements to the Solibri Model Checker using its API