Case Evolve Consultancy: Assuring Quality with Solibri

Nigel Davies, director of Evolve Consultancy, shares their experiences on two projects: one a £60m research establishment, the other a multi-billion infrastructure project and demonstrates that regardless of size or scope, assuring the quality of data is simple with Solibri.

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Webinar content:

  • Case Evolve Consultancy: Assuring Quality with Solibri. Solibri demo. Nigel Davies, Director at Evolve Consultancy.
  • Q&A: Going through audience questions.

Case Evolve Consultancy: Assuring Quality with Solibri

Nigel has 20 years’ extensive experience within the AEC industry. He has unique insight and first-hand understanding of cutting-edge design and construction data production and exchange practices. Read more about Nigel here.

Further Questions and Answers

When we create a COBie file, do we still keep its relation with the original BIM model which is still in IFC format? Is there a dynamic link between COBie and IFC?

Nigel Davies: COBie is just data in the IFC viewed in a tabular form. In terms of Solibri, the COBie data is saved in the SMC file so it’s always there and always related to the model.

When your resulting xls is issued to the CAFM system what links the data to the modelled component, as you have reclassified the data. Is the model link is then lost in the CAFM system?

Nigel Davies: In our experience there is an asset ID that ties the two together. Whether that link is dynamic depends on the individual software being used.