Free Your Time with Autorun- Workflow Automation

Watch this webinar presented with Joonas Koistinen from Crane Optimizer, discussing Solibri Autorun and demonstrating different use cases of using it.

Tune in to our monthly webinar series Customer Insights to hear how our customers use Solibri to find solutions to problems or challenges, improve quality, and increase efficiency. Learn best practices and get ideas from other users. 

Webinar content:

  • Introduction
  • Exploring goals and case studies
  • Understanding the process
  • Navigating folder structure and script setup
  • Real-life cases demonstrations (3 different cases)
  • Q&A

    Free Your Time with Autorun- Workflow Automation

    In this webinar, Joonas Koistinen will show how to streamline tasks with Solibri's APIs and the 'Autorun' automation feature.

    Solibri Autorun is an extension to Solibri Office for automating routine tasks. With the extension, tasks such as running checks, exporting the found issues as BCF files and creating presentations, are pre-defined in an XML file, which is given as a command line argument or scheduled task for Solibri to execute. As a result, you have your daily model checking done, for example, overnight, and you can focus on issue handling and quality coordination.

    During the webinar, we will guide you through the process, demonstrating how this feature simplifies BIM management and data extraction, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Gain valuable insights from Joonas who have achieved remarkable efficiency using Solibri's APIs. You'll also receive instructions on setting up and launching the 'Autorun' script. Plus, get a firsthand look at the impact of the 'Autorun' feature through real-life case studies, including a sneak peek at a new tool for optimizing crane selection at construction sites.

    Joonas Koistinen is a dedicated professional with a decade-spanning background in construction engineering. Effectively merging the realms of construction and technology, he has worked with all areas of construction production and BIM management. Today, his journey evolves as an entrepreneur and software developer, with a primary focus on the groundbreaking Crane Optimizer—a unique tool designed to transform construction site planning yielding substantial savings.