Case Hercuton: Quality Assurance and BCF Communication

Watch this webinar to hear more about how quality assurance and BCF communication is applied in Hercuton. The Presenter, Daan Arts, was explaining this mainly through interesting implementation!

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Webinar content:

  • Case Hercuton: Quality Assurance and BCF Communication. Solibri demo. Daan Arts, BIM Manager at Hercuton.
  • Q&A: Going through audience questions.

Case Hercuton: Quality Assurance and BCF Communication

In this webinar, Daan Arts presents the uses of rulesets for quality assurance and subsequently the use of BCF communication with other platforms. Hercuton has developed a systematic way of checking models on quality and interaction. Besides this, it is crucial to their process that the communication with project partners goes smoothly. To ensure this, they use the BCF live connector to automatically synchronize their issues to a cloud-based issue management platform. From this platform, all users have a direct and transparent insight into all the issues they need to address.

Daan Arts is the BIM manager at the Dutch contractor, Hercuton. Hercuton is a subsidiary of the Janssen de Jong group, based in the Netherlands with companies in The Netherlands, Poland and the Caribbean. Daan has years of experience in structural and architectural design and project management for architects and contractors. For the past 4 years, he has been leading his team of BIM specialists to ensure that Janssen de Jong group is ahead of its game in quality assurance, BCF communication, innovation and process optimization.

During the session, Daan has shared a link to BuildingSMART BCF communication standard. You can find the link here.