JM Suomi benefits from the power of Solibri with customization delivered by Buildpoint

Buildpoint implemented a company-specific role for JM Suomi Oy in Solibri software. Utilization of roles and preset configurations enhance the checking and coordination of building information models.

Buildpoint’s software specialist Simo Tarpila trained JM Suomi's team in Autumn 2019.


JM Suomi Oy is part of the Swedish JM AB Group, one of the leading housing construction and residential area development companies in the Nordic countries. The main focus of their operations is in new housing development in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other large growth centers in Finland. JM Suomi currently employs 114 people.

Project Manager Niina Raistakka was the Design Manager in the early stages of the Solibri project. She was responsible for the project steering and design guidance.

- In 2018, a decision was made in the Swedish Group to use BIM in all projects. At that time, we started our first pilot project in Espoo – a city in Finland – where we aimed to increase our experience of modelling and further develop it. I have a background in design, and I had prior experience on information modelling too, so it was natural for me to take the responsibility of our BIM development along with my other work, Raistakka tells.

Solibri software is used for analyzing the accuracy, quality and security of building information models. Solibri Office checks the information model and highlights any errors and defects in the designs. The software ensures that the model complies with building regulations and the company's own quality systems.

- I had used Solibri before, so it was easy to get started. But I noticed at the beginning that we were lacking proper tools. I also joined the Solibri training again, because there were so many new features in the program. There I learned how we could utilize Solibri even more by using roles, classifications and information takeoffs. At that point we started the cooperation with Buildpoint. I noticed that my time and skills were limited, so it seemed more efficient to outsource.

"At the moment, Solibri is the most suitable tool for quality assurance and combining the design models."

Buildpoint implemented a role to be used in design control. The role contains various predefined settings that make it easier and more role-based to use the software. The role was created based on JM Suomi's own site and resources.

- The role created in Solibri is more suitable for our model checking. In addition, we got some predefined classifications that help in information takeoff and calculating quantities. Also the project management team was given training on Solibri, says Raistakka.

According to Niina Raistakka, the cooperation with Buildpoint worked smoothly. As JM Suomi’s team didn’t have to spend time in creating the role themselves, they were able to get more out of the software right from the start.

- The new role was introduced really fast into the software, which enabled us to start testing it. We had some problems with saving the configuration, but Simo Tarpila from Buildpoint helped us to solve it. At that point we did spend some time on the phone, but the cooperation was easy.

JM Suomi currently utilizes Solibri in all its projects.

- At the beginning of the year, Roope Syvälahti joined our team as the BIM Manager. He will develop the information modelling further. We will see together with the Swedish organization that modelling can be used both in design management and in production. At the moment, Solibri is the most suitable tool for quality assurance and combining the design models, Raistakka says.


Quality construction is the result of a years-long cooperation between many professionals. Buildpoint’s selection includes software and related, client-specific training and support services for every phase of building construction. Buildpoint’s expert staff assist in choosing and implementing software, training, and also offer personal support for the software users. Buildpoint is Solibri’s certified training partner in Finland.