Case Modelical: Quality beyond clash detection

During the presentation Julio García and Sarai Zaballa from Modelical talk about quality assurance in residential projects. They present how they use Solibri to check property content in their BIM models. They also share why it is important to do the IFC export correctly.

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Webinar content:

  • Case Modelical: Quality beyond clash detection. Solibri demo. Julio García, Arquitecto Técnico and Sarai Zaballa, Architect & BIM Leader at Modelical.
  • Q&A: Going through audience questions.

Case Modelical: Quality beyond clash detection

Julio is Modelical's go-to guy for construction and 4D related matters. A Madrid Tech alumni, Julio is a chartered quantity surveyor in Spain and has some extensive experience as site-work supervisor. He holds a BIM Management postgraduate degree from Barcelona Tech and most of his work at Modelical turns around automation and improvement of design and construction workflows.

Sarai is Modelical's leading BIM consultant and Operations Officer. She has several years of experience in project design using BIM solutions and has conducted many Revit implementations and courses. Sarai earned a Bachelor in Architecture from Basque Country University and holds a Master in Building Restoration from UAX University in Madrid.

Further Questions and Answers

Question for Sarai: You mentioned you have worked and developed tools for several evaluation models. Do you have any tool to address environmental concerns such as CO2 emissions? Or LCA evaluations?

Sarai Zaballa: Yes, indeed we have developed some tools to batch evaluate several models at once, at this point is more about quality in BIM Models and consistency of the information. We have not yet started to deal with environmental issues, although it will certainly be required by many customers in the medium term.

Do you also use Navisworks for quality control or do you just use Navisworks for coordination?

Sarai Zaballa: We use it sometimes, but it is totally different from Solibri, and we use each tool for specific purposes.

Do you also use Revit Dynamo for editing parameters in Revit models or do you make specific add-ins for that?

Sarai Zaballa: We do both, sometimes even manually :-)

4 Sarai: checking on object relation they need to be modelled to be able to do so. Do you create your own object families?

Sarai Zaballa: Yes, we love to model our own families, because it gives us control over them and the information contained. But some other times we have to rely on the content provided by the client or their standards, and in those cases, the secret is in understanding correctly the structure of the information.

How to convert rvt to IFC correct coordinate? Some rvt using shared coordinate?

Julio García: With some enhanced exporters for Revit it is possible to export with shared coordinates, actually. Sometimes we export with the internal origin, and if the different models do not match with each other, it is always possible to edit manually the IFC via the .txt file.

Is it possible to add IFC Categories directly in the IFC Model? Or do I have to export it again?

Julio García: You will have to export it again with the correct mapping settings.

4 Julio: Are you showing standard Revit or your specific Bone collector tool?

Julio García: It is the interface of Bone Collector to batch export, but it uses the standard Revit IFC export settings.

Could you tell a bit more about the Bone Collector? Is it some kind of IFC optimizer?

Julio García: Only a batch export "optimizer". Otherwise it was very painful for us to open each document and manually export to IFC.

How do we contact you regarding the Bone Collector app?

Sarai Zaballa: You can write us, or visit the web ( and reach us through it.

Is Autorun same as Bone Collector?

Solibri: No, Autorun is for automate checking in Solibri Office, Bone collector is Modelical's Revit add-on for exporting IFC from Revit.

How did he switch to a 2D Elevation view?

Solibri: Changing the camera view to ortogonal and positioning the camera view directly from the side.

2 part question regarding Solibri: can we expect Solibri models to be stored and shared from a cloud based system in the future? Would this include sharing between PC and devices as well? Currently there is no way for us to take our Solibri federated models to site, or for us to easily share updates with the project team?

Solibri: Currently the only way of storing the IFC's in cloud and using Solibri is to have a shared folder from the CDE (e.g. Drop box etc.).

It’s great that Solibri is based on accepting OpenBIM files, but taking Solibri models forward into other programmes is not possible? The Open BIM process stops with Solibri?

Solibri: Solibri can only import IFC files, but after checking the models in Solibri, the issues can be coordinated to any other tool by using BIM Collaboration Format (BCF), which is a open standard as well as IFC.

Is there some "library" where you can get rulesets and ITO-set or do you have to make them all by yourself?

Solibri: Solibri installation comes with a set of pre-defined rules and there are extensions that can be used from Solibri solution center.