“You will never be able to build high-quality BIM data without an integrated issue management system,” Erik Pijnenburg states emphatically. What’s more, the CEO of KUBUS claims that BIM processes will never really work effectively without a tool like BIMcollab. Preaching to the choir? Perhaps, but the sermon is pretty convincing.

The BIM specialists of KUBUS focus on design- and build. The firm, which has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Serbia, supplies BIM software to more than 30,000 users in the international construction industry. KUBUS is the exclusive distributor of Graphisoft for the Benelux and the sole Solibri Gold Partner in the world, but also develops its own BIM solutions, such as BIMcollab and ZOOM. “BIMcollab is a model-based issue management system that eliminates the current endless trail of e-mails and spreadsheets,” Erik explains. “Integrated design involves collaboration and that means communication. BIMcollab optimizes communication in the development phase of BIM.”

Solibri Model Checker detects

A BIM model consists of data supplied by different design disciplines. It is vital that this data is correct and complete and also in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, sustainability and prescribed energy performance requirements and, of course, structural requirements too. Can a building be built as designed? Is there enough space for a wheelchair? Also, what are we going to do with the pipe that the mechanical engineering consultant has positioned exactly where the structural engineer wants to have a steel column in the model? In short, a large number of different aspects of models must be verified with an intelligent model checker like Solibri. A tool to merge and analyse models and detect ‘issues’ and ‘clashes’ that must be resolved before production can start.

BIMcollab communicates 

Detecting issues is one thing; making sure that they are resolved is something else entirely. Model checkers assume smooth, trouble-free communication between all the members of a multidisciplinary design team. According to Erik, “the design for an average office building can easily give rise to 1,000 to 3,000 issues, whereas 50,000 or more may be identified when designing installations for an airport terminal. We decided to develop a smart issue management system, named BIMcollab, because conventional tools like spreadsheets and e-mails are unable to track issues of this amount. BIMcollab is the first solution for cloud-based and BIM-tool-independent issue management. It facilitates all communication about the issues detected by Solibri, Navisworks or any other model-checking software and is essential to get the found problems solved.”

Fast, transparent and error-free

To illustrate how BIMcollab works, let’s start with the example mentioned above, where the position of a pipe clashes with a steel column. Solibri Model Checker detects the problem. The BIM manager or team leader assigns the issue to the mechanical engineering consultant, who then receives a ticket in his own modelling program (MagiCAD or Revit, for example). With just one click, the consultant automatically zooms in on the problem spot, repositions the pipe away from the column and submits the revised model. The structural engineer, who is responsible for validating the solution clicks the issue link too. He sees the revision in his Tekla tool and approves it. Problem overcome, issue solved. According to Erik, “the entire communication history is recorded too and could be important evidence if responsibility is disputed or if a liability suit is brought.”

Integrated with the most important BIM tools 

BIMcollab has plug-ins for the most commonly used BIM software, such as Revit, ARCHICAD, Navisworks, Tekla Structures and Solibri, for example. These BCF Managers connect to the issue-data in the cloud and enable smooth communication between design team members. The integrated model viewer BIMcollab ZOOM is fully integrated in the issue management process and makes the model and issues easy to access for design-review meetings. For designers, BIMcollab ZOOM can be a practical tool to quickly carry out a visual validation of exported IFC models before submitting them to the project-team. 

BIMcollab available in several languages

Besides English, BIMcollab is available in French, German and Spanish. The language can be selected separately for each individual space, team-member or BIM tool, so that international teams find it easier to collaborate on the same project. “This is important, because KUBUS’ ultimate aim is to help designers and contractors to work more effectively and improve the built environment all over the world.” 

To learn more about BIMcollab or BIMcollab ZOOM visit

If you would like to know more about BIMcollab or BIMcollab ZOOM, please contact Jasper van den Abeelen at [email protected] You are welcome to trial both tools free of charge. Go to www.bimcollab. com, create your own account, log in and off you go! Easy and intuitive? That’s just the way it should be!