Case Plan B – The World's First Climate-neutral Police Office

Watch this webinar presented with Nima Poursadigh and Erik Lindström from Plan B, discussing the world's first climate-neutral police office.

Tune in to our monthly webinar series Customer Insights to hear how our customers use Solibri to find solutions to problems or challenges, improve quality, and increase efficiency. Learn best practices and get ideas from other users. 

Webinar content:

  • A general introduction to Plan B
  • The Project - Kvarteret Korsningen
  • Workflow – BCF live connector and CDE integration
  • Solibri Demo
  • Q&A

Case Plan B - The world's first climate-neutral police office.

In this webinar, our presenters, Nima Poursadigh and Erik Lindström discuss how you can achieve a good collaboration in the design phase by using Solibri’s BCF live connector and the CDE integration together with BIMsync. The presenters also discuss how Plan B worked on the project Kvarteret Korsningen which is Örebro’s first wooden office building and has been certified NollCO2 (Zero CO2) by the Sweden Green Building Council.

We also discuss Plan B’s business areas and how they help their customers to become more efficient, sustainable and competitive through the most powerful instrument of our time – digitisation.

Nima Poursadigh, Digitalization leader at Plan B, Stockholm. I work both strategically and operationally to help our customers achieve their goals with various BIM requirements. This includes using my expertise in BIM to identify and implement solutions that support the customer's objectives and ensuring that BIM processes are integrated effectively into their organization and overall project workflow.

Erik Lindström, Civil Engineer M. Sc. and Project manager BIM at Plan B, Stockholm. My expertise area is BIM-strategy and BIM-collaboration as well as digitization. I have worked in the construction sector for 8 years. And been working with residential buildings, schools, hospitals as well as big infrastructural projects. I also have a background as contract engineer and site management.