Case Skanska: Improving BIM quality through collaboration

During the presentation Valentin Velinov defines his view on BIM quality and elaborates how a high-quality model can be utilized throughout different phases of a project. Valentin shows a demo on how Skanska is offering an effective quality assurance tool-set to designers by utilizing Solibri extensions.

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Webinar content:

  • Case Skanska: Improving BIM quality through collaboration. Solibri demo. Valentin Velinov, Development Manager, BIM and Digital Services at Skanska Finland.
  • Q&A: Going through audience questions.

Case Skanska: Improving BIM quality through collaboration

Valentin Velinov works as a Development Manager in the BIM and Digital Services unit at Skanska Finland. His background is in business development and digitalization, with hands on experience in leading vast digitalization projects and promoting digital transformation.

Further Questions and Answers

Is there a "Best practice" type of checks to use in Solibri? Something that everyone should include in most projects?

Valentin Velinov: Models serve a purpose, as they are utilized for different functions. It is important to identify key quality areas and define how they should be modeled/structured. There are different ways to validate these aspects in Solibri. My advise and rule of thumb: rulesets for clash checking and geometry inspection, classifications for grouping similar objects, and information takeoffs for data field verifications. Some things are easier to verify via visual inspection, so compiling a checklist of matters to be inspected is already a step forward!

Is it worth to get (pay for) a high quality model in all projects?

Valentin Velinov: It depends on the project goals and how the model will be utilized in different functions.

Do you have any projects where you operating in traditional design-bid-build environment and how do you work then re BIM QA?

Valentin Velinov: The method presented is not applicable to design-bid-build delivery projects, but it can be applied to design-build deliveries.

Where can we find the BIM Guidelines for construction in Finland?

Valentin Velinov: BuildingSMART Finland

How would you see moving responsibility of BIM checking to the architect affect the project schedule? In the slides 2 weeks became 3 days, but the amount of work for the architect seems to increase..? Workflow-wise sharing the ruleset is an improvement of course as long as the architect is able to use the tools.

Valentin Velinov: We are not moving responsibility, as designers are responsible for their own models and are obliged to deliver their model to an agreed quality standard in the first place. We basically provide them the tools to achieve this set targets. The time save comes from not needing to double-check the quality and compose an issue report. The tool may be used to cross-reference model on different design disciplines and the architect is only responsible for coordinating the process.

Do you use your model data also for FM purposes? Import models to some FM software?

Valentin Velinov: We have done implementations, but currently it's at an experimental level. We have solutions to export all the information content to FM platforms and enrich the model with external data sources.

At what point in the design process the designers start to follow Skanska's guidelines? At what point is the BIM kick off?

Valentin Velinov: The kickoff meeting is held as soon as possible, usually at the start of design phase when all designers are attaches to the project. Skanska guidelines are presented and should be followed from the beginning. Also project specific alterations are agreed upon at this stage.

Can we get the Skanska rulesets?

Valentin Velinov: Our toolset (including rulesets) are published as a public extension in Solibri Solution Center. Designers working in projects for Skanska Finland can request a voucher which allows free download of the extension.

Is there a possibility to export the structural hierarchy of the building to excel?

Solibri: You could use ITO to do this. Start by adding the container "building" in ITO filter, then next column relation to floor and then to the components. As an existing customer you can contact our [email protected] to ask this in more detail.

Solibri classification plugin?

Solibri: Solibri classification function is part of Solibri Office and Site.