Unveiling the Future of Fire Stopping with Laing O’Rourke and BDP

Watch this webinar presented with Estefania Alves from Laing O’Rouke, Evin Erkan from BDP, and Simon Gilbert from Solibri, discussing Everton FC New Stadium Project.

Tune in for this webinar to learn about the new game-changing fire safety design process developed by Laing O’Rourke, BDP and Solibri.

Webinar content:

    • General Introduction
    • Background - the need for a solution
    • Overview - establishing the requirements and complexity of the task
    • Using the new checks
    • The results - how the solution performed
    • How to get the solution for yourself

Unveiling the future of Fire Stopping on Everton FC’s New Stadium

Laing O’Rourke, BDP and Solibri collaborated on Everton Football Club’s New Stadium project to develop a new fire safety design process. This process improves fire stopping accuracy and certainty, is resource-efficient, and retains a ‘golden thread’ of information.
In this webinar, the presenters will share their insights on the challenges, opportunities and lessons learned during the project.

Discover how this innovative solution will transform the industry and revolutionise the process of fire stopping of service penetrations.

The speakers at the fire stopping webinar

Estefania Alves, Lead Digital Engineer at Laing O’Rouke, with a Master's degree in BIM and Digital Built Environment and a civil engineering background. For the last nearly 8 years, as a Digital Engineer, she has been committed to enhancing efficiency and certainty, driving consistent implementation and continuous improvement in line with best practices, emerging innovation and technology.

Evin Erkan, BIM Manager at BDP, with a Master’s degree in Building Design Management and Building Information Modelling and 15 years of experience with collaborative 3D technology and its implementation across all sectors of the built environment, with areas of expertise covering commercial, residential, aviation, sports and hospitality.

Simon Gilbert, Technical Services Manager at Solibri UK, is a BIM Consultant with over 25 years of experience. Initially focusing on the generation of geometry/data via authoring applications within the Autodesk Channel and 11 years at Graphisoft as the Product Manager for ArchiCAD in the UK.