Ballast Nedam and Solibri sign Enterprise Agreement to accelerate quality and sustainability deliverables through digital technologies.

Helsinki, Finland, 09.04.2021

The Dutch-based construction and development company, Ballast Nedam, has today signed a major new corporate agreement with Solibri Inc.

Ballast Nedam, founded in 1877, is fully committed to digitalization and innovation. This provides more added value for their customers, making faster and better decisions, reducing costs and improving processes. This leads to a competitive advantage and added value to the way they design, build and manage assets, because they show its clients that Ballast Nedam is in control of the project and make sure there are no surprises. However, digitalisation and innovation are more than just technology. It is also a cultural change, concerning people, organisations, processes and agile ways of working. The Ballast Nedam BIM4Project approach is reflecting this and the teams are changing and improving themselves by making use of the best practices.

To ensure that projects and services are delivered on time with our subcontractors and suppliers, Ballast Nedam has decided to invest into Solibri Enterprise to complement their extensive technological application landscape.

Paulus Eckhardt, Ballast Nedam director Digital Transformation & Innovation states “Today we are very proud to show our clients and market that we don’t compromise when it comes to quality. In our solution making process, we continuously challenge the designs by making use of ‘clash detection’, checking the interfaces between 3D-models. We check the quality of the 3D models we receive from our partners as smartly and quickly as possible in order to optimize the design process. When the quality is up to the required level, we can further develop our 5D capabilities by extracting quantities from the 3D model for estimation and progress monitoring. This ensures that we are in control of the process for our clients. Solibri Enterprise solution ensures quality in BIM and supports accomplishing our short and long-term imperatives”.

Ville Kyytsönen, Solibri CEO states “The Netherlands is a key market for us with high BIM adaptation, greatly benefitting from the advanced capability of Solibri. I’m looking forward on working more closely with Ballast Nedam. It’s a pleasure to work with customers that share our vision of building better. I look forward to seeing Solibri help innovate and drive the best possible workflow for Ballast Nedam”.

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About Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is a Dutch construction and development company with international influences. They are result-driven and their people are their biggest strength. Every day, they challenge themselves to improve. As people and as an organisation. In this way, Ballast Nedam creates added value for their clients and stimulate a sustainable living environment.

Ballsat Nedam applies a unique way of working in cooperation with its clients. They adapt when circumstances change or they change the circumstances with a 'fix it' mentality.

Ballast Nedam is proud to be part of Rönesans Holding, number 9 in the list of Europe's largest international contractors.

About Solibri

Solibri is the leader in BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Providing out of the box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis and code checking. Solibri’s corporate message is to develop and market quality assurance solutions that improve the quality of BIM-based design and make the entire design and construction process more productive and cost effective. Solibri’s customers include major building owners, construction companies, architects and engineering firms in more than 70 countries. Solibri is part of the Nemestchek Group.

About the Nemetschek Group

The Nemetschek Group is a pioneer for digital transformation in the AEC industry. With its intelligent software solutions, it covers the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects and guides its customers into the future of digitalization. As one of the leading corporate groups worldwide, the Nemetschek Group increases quality in the building process and improves the digital workflow of all those involved in the building process. This makes it possible to design, build and manage buildings with greater efficiency, sustainability and environmental compatibility in terms of resources. The focus is on the use of open standards (Open BIM). The portfolio also includes digital solutions for visualization, 3D modeling and animation. The innovative products of the 15 brands of the Nemetschek Group in the four customer-oriented segments are used by approximately six million users worldwide. Founded by Prof. Georg Nemetschek in 1963, the Nemetschek Group today employs more than 3,000 experts.

Publicly listed since 1999 and quoted on the MDAX and TecDAX, the company achieved revenue amounting to EUR 596.9 million and an EBITDA of EUR 172.3 million in 2020.