The missing link between design and build.

Imagine a world where everything you designed got built. A world where no plan was questioned. A world, where doors don’t open properly, staircases lead nowhere and columns keep blocking your way.

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Common mistakes are common for a reason

That’s why they can be prevented.
Solibri helps you detect the flaws that are invisible to the eye and fix them before it gets expensive – and embarrassing.

Ready to take control over your design’s quality?

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From flawless designs to usable buildings

Solibri’s rule-based checking gives you powerful tools for making sure your designs are flawless and, besides being beautiful to the eye, turn into comfort of use in the newly constructed building.

Going beyond clash detection, you can also use Solibri to check your design from other aspects, such as clearance. You can make sure that doors or windows can be opened properly, or that there is nothing blocking your way in the corridor.

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Eliminate all the common mistakes

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Door & window clearance

Functioning doors are pretty nice when you need to take a leak.

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Electric cabinet access

You might not notice it until it is too late.

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Avoid bumpy rides, humiliation and being sued.