Steps to update Solibri

In order to get the new Solibri version, it needs to be assigned. Contact your Solibri administrator.

If you are the administrator:

  1. Log into .
  2. Go to Admin view.
  3. Select the Assignment tab.
  4. Leave the Product radio button marked and select the product (Office/Site).
  5. In the version list, select the latest version and click Refresh.
  6. Mark the checkbox for the users that will be running the selected version of Solibri.
  7. Click Save Changes.

After the new version is assigned:

Now you can download and start using the latest version of Solibri.

You can check if you have new updates uninstalled by opening Solibri and going to File > Help > Check for updates.

In case there is a new version available for you, take the following steps:

  1. Log into the Solibri Solution Center .
  2. Click the Version drop-down box under the listing for Solibri and select the most recent listing for version.

Why should you update?

Read about the benefits of our latest release - BCF Live Refreshed. Several UI improvements based on user feedback.

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