Improving Solibri availability - Change in Solibri Network License (NWL) terms

Ensure the highest possible BIM Quality

We have received feedback from some users that the availability of Solibri when needed is not guaranteed. Too often one Solibri license is shared with several users leading to a situation where license is not actually available to everyone when needed.

To address this issue, and ensure the highest possible BIM Quality, we are planning a change in the number of users allowed to be in one Network License (NWL) user pool. The change effects both Solibri Office and Solibri Site pools.

By limiting the amount of users to a smaller group, we can ensure the tool is more available and guarantees more actual usage, thus ensuring that the BIM quality is being checked and quantities are correctly calculated. The floating nature of the license is not being changed and customers are still free to change the user pools as often as necessary; however, the number of users in a pool at any one time would be limited.

Change in NWL terms – what does it mean in practice?

After the change one floating pool can have five users per one license, i.e., the user license ratio is 1:5. So, one NWL can have up to 5 listed users in one pool, 2 NWL's allow 10 users, and so on.

We offer various solutions how to handle the situation where there are now more than 5 users per NWL in a user pool.

Manage: Solibri administrator can manage the licenses in the pools. You can ask the administrator to change the number of users by moving some of them to another pool.

Adapt: You can adapt to the situation by simply reducing the number of users. This option is good for those who have a lot of users in the pools who don’t actually need to use Solibri Office or Site, to whom e.g. Solibri Anywhere would be enough.

Purchase: One option is to increase the number of licenses in the pool. If you add a license to one pool, you need to decrease a license from another, or then purchase more licenses. Another option is to purchase subscription, which is a good and cost-effective option for the heavy users of Solibri as it is tied to the one user, ensuring they always have Solibri available.

Convert: Most large Solibri users are moving to Enterprise that makes the software much affordable, remove the need to manage licenses and add flexibility and scalability among other benefits. This allows Solibri to be used as a backbone for BIM processes as the QA/QC features are always available to the users and projects. We recommend converting to Enterprise to all companies who have a lot of users and high usage of Solibri.

What actions are required from the customers?

The change will take place on the 1st of February 2021. Customers need to ensure that all floating pools have the correct number of users per license before the enforcement date.

  • Review your user situation and which of the options (Manage, Adapt, Purchase, Convert) would best meet your needs.
    • In case you would like to purchase more licenses or subscription, please contact your Solibri sales contact person or [email protected].
    • In case you would like to convert to Enterprise, please contact Janne Öysti.
    • In case you would like to manage the current licenses or reduce the number of users, please refer to this guide. We recommend you go through the situation together with your Solibri administrator and deliver the guidance for them.

  • Make sure with your Solibri administrator that you have done the needed changes by 31st January 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If a pool has no licenses, is the number of users restricted?

A: No, a pool with no licenses can have an unlimited number of users.

Q: Is the number of pools limited?

A: No, there is no limit to the number of pools on an account.

Q: Can all the users still be in one user pool?

A: Yes, if there are enough licenses in the pool (1 license per 5 users).

Q: Q: What happens at 1st of February 2021

A: License terms will be updated

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

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