Instant Feedback. Inside your design.

Solibri Inside integrates BIM quality control into your architectural designs right from the first click.
Built-in model checking provides instant feedback as you create your design. It makes architectural modelling so much more efficient, that you’ll soon be wondering how you managed without it.

Why Solibri Inside

Solve the issue before it becomes an issue

Capturing model errors at the source prevents any potential problem escalating during coordination and construction. The result? Fewer hours spent fixing silly errors, lower costs and a lighter environmental footprint.

Shorter review cycles mean better cooperation

Lengthy correction rounds can strain everyone’s patience. When architects deliver better quality models, BIM coordinators can do their work more quickly and efficiently. Higher quality output produced faster means more time to focus on key tasks.

Greater confidence in your design

BIM requirements can be converted into rule-based checks so that they are pre-established parameters when the model author starts work. This makes quality compliance a more transparent and reliable process and gives you the assurance needed to realize your architectural vision.

Solibri Inside is a plug-in tool that is already available inside your favorite modelling programs.

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