Get Better Results with Your Project's Naming Convention with the New Rule Type

Solibri Inside's Naming Convention rule type ensures consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in creating and maintaining digital building components. By offering automated checks and real-time feedback, you can reduce errors and confusion, save time and effort, and improve collaboration on your project.

What's New in Solibri Inside: Naming Convention Rule Type and More Checks

Are you tired of trying to maintain a consistent naming convention across your project, only to find inconsistencies and errors cropping up? Well, we have some great news for you! Solibri Inside's new rule type, Naming Convention, is here to revolutionize the way you handle naming conventions. This rule type checks that a selected text attribute or property follows a naming convention for all target components. You can compose the naming convention of text, numeric, and separator tokens to be suitable for your specific requirements. Excited yet? Let's dive in and see what this rule type can do for you.

The Advantages of Automating and Enforcing Naming Conventions in Digital Building Components

  1. It can help ensure that all components within a project follow the naming convention, reducing the risk of inconsistencies, errors, and confusion.
  2. It saves time and effort by automating the naming process, making creating and maintaining large numbers of components more accessible.
  3. It provides real-time feedback to the model author, flagging any deviations from the naming convention and allowing them to correct the issue quickly.
  4. It can enforce naming conventions across all team members, ensuring everyone uses the same naming convention and making collaboration more efficient.

In addition to the new rule type, we created new pre-made checks for you to use:

Naming Convention Check

The Naming Convention Check helps you verify that the spaces correspond to the naming convention of the project. You can customize this check according to your specific requirements, ensuring that your project's naming convention is accurate and consistent. This check can help you avoid errors and confusion, so your project can run smoothly.

Uniqueness Check

The Uniqueness Check ensures that all components are uniquely named. This check flags any duplicates, helping you improve collaboration and avoid errors. With this check, you can be sure that your project's components are named accurately and consistently.

With Solibri Inside's Naming Convention rule type, you can get the results you want for your project. By maintaining a consistent naming convention, you can avoid errors and misunderstandings when exchanging data. Learn more details about the Naming Convention Rule Type in our Help Center article.