Introducing Two Powerful Checks in Solibri Inside

Say hello to the Fire Exit Existence Check and Handicap Accessible Property Check

Introducing the Latest Updates in Solibri Inside: Fire Exit Existence Check and Handicap Accessible Property Check, two powerful additions that prioritize safety and inclusivity in your building designs.

  • Fire Exit Existence Check

    The Fire Exit Existence Check is a crucial feature in Solibri Inside that verifies the presence of at least one Fire Exit door on each storey of your building model. Any storeys without a designated Fire Exit door are immediately flagged as errors, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

  • Handicap Accessible Property Check

    With the Handicap Accessible Property Check, Solibri Inside ensures that spaces, ramps, stairs, and doors elements in your BIM model have the necessary information regarding handicap accessibility as specified by buildingSMART. This check helps you identify any elements that require additional accessibility features, allowing you to create more inclusive designs that cater to your needs.