Learn how to use the advanced rules in Solibri.

Watch these tutorial videos to see examples of some of the many rules that are available in Solibri Office.

Solibri Rule #237 Parking

The parking rule allows you to check the dimensions of parking spaces so that they're easy to park in.

Solibri Rule #238 Accessible route

The accessible route rule checks for bottlenecks when moving with a wheelchair.

Solibri Rule #240 Effective coverage

With the effective coverage rule, you can ensure your building has sufficient coverage for, for example, ventilation, lighting, sprinklers, Wi-Fi, or surveillance cameras.

Solibri Rule #241 Space connection

The Space Connection rule allows you to check whether a space is connected with an outside exit or another space via, for example, a door or an opening. This can be used for natural ventilation purposes, for checking that all rooms have easy access to corridors, or, for ensuring the building serves its daily operations as smoothly as possible.

Solibri Rule #212 and #242 Building envelope

The building envelope rules check the outer shell of the building, verifying that there are no gaps between the external walls and spaces, and ensuring that any recesses or internal airwells in the envelope have appropriate dimensions.


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