Learn how to view and communicate issues.

Watch these tutorial videos to see how you can examine and communicate the issues found in checking.

How to examine the issues found in checking:

  1. View. Go through issues one by one by either viewing issues in a category hierarchy or all at once in a flat list.
  2. Flatten. Choose the flat Component List if you want to sort components by how many issues they have and the severity of the issues.
  3. Reflect. Dissect issues in the Info view and reflect them back in the Results.
  4. Visualize. Choose between automatic (only the problematic components are visualized in the 3D view), transparent (problematic components are shown in red and other components are shown as transparent), or no visualization.

How to communicate the issues to others:

  1. Add. Create issues out of the errors found in checking and save a good viewpoint to the model.
  2. Assign. Add descriptions, responsibilities and labels.
  3. Present. Turn issues into presentations and share them with all stakeholders.




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