Solibri ASSIST: Realtime Collaboration with BCF Live

In this webinar we guide you how to connect issues identified in Solibri Office and collaborate with others using issue management platforms all powered by Solibri’s BCF Live Connector.

Solibri 9.12.0 introduced the new BCF Live Connector, bringing significant improvements to managing and communication of issues – making it up-to-date, effortless, and more reliable.

In this webinar session you will learn what the new BCF Live Connector is and how to utilize it. We explain what you’ll need to start using it. We will go through how it works in practice: how to connect to a server, exchange and create issues. You will learn what differences there are between using it with Solibri Office / Site and Solibri Anywhere.

Further Questions and Answers

In the communication tab I noticed that the Responsibilities and Labels can be checked multiple times, in the BCF Live Connector there can only be checked one. Is it possible to assign an issue to multiple people through BCF, because I didn't think it was possible?

This workflow is not currently supported in the BCF-API standard.

Can you unmark the issue as ready?

No, once you have marked the issue as ready, it will be synced to the issue management server. Removing Issues can be done only on the Issue Management Platform.

Can you 'lock' some of the issue fields? For instance 'status'? I would like to be the only one able to set an issue to closed.

This workflow is not currently supported in the BCF-API standard.

When issue is resolved in model, issue slide will be removed in checking. What is result in BCF, issue must be set to closed after checking all is done?

After updating a model which resolves a previously identified Issue, the link to the checking result will no longer exist. This will remove the indicator (the triangle) listed in the BCF LIVE VIEW in Link column.

Is the BCF Live Connector also connected to the checking results? So can you double click on the issue in the BCF Live Connector to go to the checking result?

Yes - in the Link Column within BCF LIVE VIEW you can double click on the warning triangle symbol to jump directly to the Checking Result linked to the Issue.

Are dimensions and other markup elements which are added to an issue also visible in the BCF live connector?

Yes, although color may appear differently based on the Issue Management System configuration / settings.

Is it possible to report them out as a BCFZip-file?

This can be done from the Issue Management system.

How Anywhere user can add issues?

Solibri Anywhere does not allow Issues to be created using BCF Live Connector.

How to create collective issues across multiple clash results?

It is possible to create an Issue based on the Grouping of the Results.

How can I update the elements in an existing issue in BCF Live with new checking results?

New elements can be added to an issue by creating a new viewpoint and adding components to the this new viewpoint.

Could you filter via "Link"? I mean, to see just Linked (to a checking result) issues?

Yes and no. Link is a Solibri only feature and not supported by BCF-API. However, BCF LIVE VIEW can be sorted based on any column - sorting by the Link column will allow all of the linked items to easily be identified.

How are users notified about issues assigned to them?

If a BCF Live Connector session is open, the BCF LIVE VIEW can be filtered or sorted to show the most recently modified Issues. If you are offline and another member of the project team assigns issues to you, most platforms will send updates periodically by email or other notification systems.

Does the BCF Live Connector support editing of multiple issues in one selection?

Yes - some fields can be updated across a selection but not the Title, Description or associated Components. Any fields that are not unique to an Issue can be modified in a batch with other Issues.

Can you mark more than one Issue at a time as ready?

Yes, you can select multiple issues and change their status as ready.

Is it possible to assigned an issue to several person?

This workflow is not currently supported in the BCF-API standard.

Is it possible to create an overview of the changed issues instead of walk threw all the issues?

You can organize the columns in BCF LIVE VIEW by modification date to see what has changed recently.

Are the metadata fields limited or can these be user-defined? There are some issue management platforms can add more metadata fields that cannot be read by the current BCF Live Connector.

The BCF Live Connector is adheres to the BCF-API standard. If an Issue Management Platform uses additional fields out of the standard, they are not supported by BCF Live Connector. However the standard is continually evolving which means that if / when it starts to support any new fields, those will be also supported by the BCF Live Connector.

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