Solibri ASSIST: Discover Autorun

This webinar guides you through how to automate your routine tasks in Solibri Office with the help of Autorun.

Since April 2020, Solibri Autorun has been available for all Solibri Office users. With Solibri Autorun, routine tasks can be automated and run at a time that is convenient for you (for example, overnight).

In this webinar, we go through the prerequisite requirements, look at how to automate model federation, run checks, create presentations and report to BCF. We also look at how to use your Autorun-created Model to focus on issue handling and quality coordination.

Solibri Autorun is a part of the Solibri Developer Platform. The Autorun documentation can be found here.

You can find more information and examples on how to use Solibri Autorun from Solibri Society.

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