A Solibri Story for Russian Speakers

PSS_статья Solibri_25_08_2015Below is a story giving an update of the benefits of Solibri to the Russian market. (English free translation below) http://www.pss.spb.ru/press/press-about/Solibri_reliz_2015.html PSS_статья Solibri_25_08_2015 Solibri: BIM and a Little Ambition The future of the construction industry due to the widespread introduction of the practice of designing and building information modeling of buildings (BIM) - in this case, perhaps, there is little doubt. In Russia, as in other countries, the interest in promoting BIM goes to the state level. However, while not all are aware that BIM opens up the construction industry new horizons, not only will enhance the competitiveness, to cover all stages of the life cycle of buildings, from design to operation, but also by offering new tools to simplify workflows and improve quality ongoing projects. One such tool - a program to check the quality of intellectual BIM-models Solibri Model Checker, focused on the identification of errors and the control of design decisions to ensure compliance with the rules of the establishment and completeness of the data models. Checking area Solibri compliance regulations: A room smaller than normal (highlighted in green) "With Solibri in our work we were able to create a multi-level corporate system audit information models clash. Initially the use of this software, we have decided, because previously we were able to make a powerful and at the same time simple and intuitive functionality of the program to search for intelligent collision, which could not provide other products - says Peter Manin, a leading BIM-manager "VERFAU Medical Engineering ". - But, frankly, if we used it as a "box solution", we did not have time and opportunities to adapt and create their own rules, to maximize the use of Solibri specifically for the needs of specific projects and approaches to the design process. When at the beginning of this year, we introduced our company's position in BIM-coordinator, we knew that his primary responsibility is to test models collisions and assembly models consolidated in the building. Solibri proved the perfect solution for those functions, and was actually a desktop application, which is built all his work. " "To be sure that our models are" clean "and 100% usable information from them on the stages of construction and operation, - this is our credo," - said Alexander Popov, BIM-coordinator "VERFAU Medical Engineering".