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Helsinki, Finland, 19.10.2018 -

Today Solibri Model Checker v9.9 is released, offering an unparalleled level of freedom in terms of solution customization and third-party connectivity.

In a world interconnected platforms and solutions, Solibri has focused on supporting the latest version of BIM Collaboration Format (BCF). BCF is the industry recognized standard for sharing issues within the construction workflow. With Solibri, our customers can now connect to more third-party platforms than ever before. By doing so, Solibri ensures quality control is available in more workflows, supporting our customers need to build correctly first time, every time.

Solibri also offers a new accessibility to ruleset creation and sharing. The launch of the rule template API (currently in closed beta phase) will allow our customers to more quickly generate and utilize self-created rules and rulesets. Such openness builds upon the core benefit of what makes Solibri unique – its ability to check BIM files in more ways than any of our competitors for both issues and information. In the future, Solibri will continue to offer what customers expect – the ability to have reliable information on demand for every workflow scenario.

Solibri Model Checker v9.9 comes with a host of additional supporting new features. There are new rules to support accessibility and parking checking, as well as the ability for the user to now back up multiple SMC files on one project– the only limit being the storage capacity of the machine used.

Juan Rodriguez, Solibri Product Director said “We have focused our recent efforts on ensuring Solibri is at the heart of every customer workflow. I have met multiple customers and vendors over recent months. Nobody disputes the value that Solibri brings in construction projects through the world. This release only makes it easier for our users to get the benefits of quality control wherever and whenever they need it”.

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