Customer Insights Webinar: Case A. Yoshii

Our monthly Customer Insights webinar series continues, bringing you best practices and ideas from other users. Join the webinar on 4 November 2020, presenting Case A. Yoshii.

Customer Insights is our monthly webinar series where our customers share their insights about how they have used Solibri in their work.

In this webinar session, Adriano Balduino and Daniel Petrin from A. Yoshii are presenting their experiences. Join the webinar on November 4, 2020 at 12:00 UTC. Register here!

Case A. Yoshii: Multidisciplinary BIM coordination and reporting with Solibri & Open BIM

In this webinar, Adriano Balduino and Daniel Petrin will share what they have experienced, as builders, regarding the use of BIM, with focus on multidisciplinary BIM coordination and extraction of detailed reports (Operational bill of quantities) with multi story buildings. They are going to present the challenges they have faced working with Open BIM in Brazil and how they have managed to conquer them with Solibri.

Adriano Balduino and Daniel Petrin are both civil engineers. They have been working with BIM process for 8 years. Their background is in BIM coordination, digital transformation and interoperability between different software and solutions.


  • Case A. Yoshii: Multidisciplinary BIM coordination and reporting with Solibri & Open BIM. Solibri demo. Adriano Balduino & Daniel Petrin, A. Yoshii.
  • Q&A.

The webinar is held in English. The attendee limit for this webinar is 500.

Customer Insights webinar recordings can be found here.