Customer Insights Webinar: Case Ridge and Partners

Our Customer Insights webinar series brings you best practices and ideas from other users. Join the next webinar on May 19th, 2021, presenting Case Ridge and Partners.

Customer Insights is our webinar series where our customers share their insights about how they have used Solibri in their work.

In the next webinar session, Alex Plenty and Brent Rees from Ridge are presenting their experiences. Join the webinar on May 19th, 2021 at 10:30 UTC. 

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Case Ridge and Partners: Digital Fire Compliance Reviews 

In this webinar, Alex Plenty and Brent Rees present the digital firestop compliance processes at Ridge. Rule based testing implements firestopping solutions into design reviews, which gives improved safety and cost certainty through measuring the performance of the design and early engagement. This was externally recognized when Ridge won the digital construction category of the Constructing Excellence awards 2020. Join this webinar to hear more about the award-winning digital approach to demonstrating firestop compliance and how it significantly reduces risk for the end client, consultants, and contractors alike.

Ridge offers bespoke consultancy services that are underpinned by contemporary aspects of multidiscipline project delivery including Digital Engineering. People at Ridge are passionate advocates for digital construction, with a genuine interest for seeing progress within the industry. Read more about Ridge, and their projects and services here.

Brent Rees, Partner and Head of Digital Engineering at Ridge, is a chartered construction professional with experience in multiple industry roles. Ridge’s Digital Engineering Group is led and coordinated by Brent, which provides a platform to develop and implement best practices related to the company’s digital processes and workflows.

Alex Plenty, BIM Manager at Ridge, is a technically skilled digital professional that actively pursues practical applications for BIM within the construction industry. A passionate advocate for interoperability and openBIM, Alex is part of the BuildingSMART UK&I Buildings Room.


  • Case Ridge and Partners: Digital Fire Compliance Reviews. Solibri demo. Alex Plenty, BIM Manager, and Brent Rees, Partner & Head of Digital Engineering at Ridge.
  • Q&A.

The webinar is held in English. The attendee limit for this webinar is 500.

Customer Insights webinar recordings can be found here.