Customer Insights Webinar: Case Skanska

Our monthly Customer Insights webinar series continues, bringing you best practices and ideas from other users. Join the next webinar on 13 May 2020, presenting Case Skanska.

Customer Insights is our monthly webinar series where our customers share their insights about how they have used Solibri in their work.

In the next webinar session, Joel Öman from Skanska is presenting their experiences. Join the webinar on May 13, 2020 at 8:30 UTC. Register here!

Case Skanska: Achieving BIM Requirements

In this webinar, Joel Öman tells how to set BIM requirements, how models can be checked so that requirements can be achieved, and also how quantity take-offs and orders can be made directly from the model in Solibri. Joel will show concrete project examples with Solibri demos on setting rules and utilizing information takeoffs.

Joel Öman works as a Digital Leader at Skanska Sverige AB. He has almost 6 years of experience in BIM and digitalization in the building industry. In his work, Joel concentrates in creating more efficient ways of using software in order to save time and money in projects of all sizes.


  • Case Skanska: Achieving BIM Requirements. Solibri Demo. Joel Öman, Digital Leader at Skanska Sweden.
  • Q&A.

The webinar is held in English. The attendee limit for this webinar is 500.

Customer Insights webinar recordings can be found here.