Customer Insights Webinar: Case Skanska

Our monthly Customer Insights webinar series continues, bringing you best practices and ideas from other users. Join the webinar on 7 October 2020, presenting Case Skanska.

Customer Insights is our monthly webinar series where our customers share their insights about how they have used Solibri in their work.

In this webinar session, Valentin Velinov from Skanska Finland is presenting his experiences. Join the webinar on October 7, 2020 at 7:30 UTC. Register here!

Case Skanska: Improving BIM quality through collaboration

In this webinar, Valentin Velinov will define his view on BIM quality and elaborate how a high-quality model can be utilized throughout different phases of a project. Valentin will present how BIM process may be streamlined via deeper collaboration with designers and demo how Skanska is offering an effective quality assurance tool-set to designers by utilizing Solibri extensions.

Valentin Velinov works as a Development Manager in the BIM and Digital Services unit at Skanska Finland. His background is in business development and digitalization, with hands on experience in leading vast digitalization projects and promoting digital transformation.


  • Case Skanska: Improving BIM quality through collaboration. Solibri demo. Valentin Velinov, Development Manager, BIM and Digital Services at Skanska Finland.
  • Q&A.

The webinar is held in English. The attendee limit for this webinar is 500.

Customer Insights webinar recordings can be found here.