Dec. 1, 2009: Korea, buildingSMART User Conference 2009

December 1, 2009: buildingSMART User Conference 2009 -  Hotel Seoul Kyoyuk munhwa hoekwan Seoul, Korea

These days, Architectural Projects need integrated design process which is combined geometric and non-geometric information because they are becoming large, complex and high-tech. For strengthening the competitiveness, introduction of BIM is aggressively under consideration in Korea.

However there have been no specific guidelines about terms and conditions or range of business for ordering by BIM environment.

In other countries, there are many success stories using BIM, and governments actively promote introduction of BIM by innovative architectural process. Many construction fields and research institutions are making a constant effort for establishment of BIM guidelines. Therefore we also need political support from the government and correct application in practical business.

At this point, we will discuss about BIM Guidelines and Quality Evaluation in the User Conference, 2009. In this Conference, we can share the experiences and technologies of variety fields including architectural design, construction, structure, MEP, technical education and public sector.

In addition, we invite experts from other countries for diagnosis and treatment with domestic BIM environment. We expect that we can give a direction of domestic application of BIM in the future.