Develop & Integrate Webinar: Value adding rule development

The Solibri Develop & Integrate webinars promote the ways how you can develop on top of Solibri software, or how you can integrate it with other solutions. In this session we focus on value adding rule development.

Updated on September 15, 2021

Do you need specific rules to comply with your company, project, or even national building requirements? 

Watch this webinar from September 15th, 2021, to understand how new rules and their development can be made in Solibri. Meet the people in Solibri’s ecosystem who are already doing this – Tomas Feterik from FPT will share how they are helping customers to develop new rules and gain more value. You will also learn about Solibri's new 3rd Party Developers Network, in which FPT Software is the first certified developer partner.


  • 3rd Party Developers Network Program and Solibri AutoCode Checking Services. Wafa Alsakini, Product Manager, Solibri.
  • How FPT Software is adding value for customers as Solibri’s 3rd Party Developer. Case Study examples. Tomas Feterik, Presales Consultant, FPT Software.

Wafa Alsakini is a senior Solibrian, head of AutoCode services unit and Dr. of construction management by profession. Wafa has been responsible for developing automated building code checking extensions for private sector, and automated permitting systems for public sectors globally. Currently she is also managing Solibri’s 3rd party developers network program and maintaining the training and certification of new network members.

Tomas Feterik works as a Presales Consultant at FPT Software. Although Tomas has received his Master's degree in translation and interpretation, he soon found his true calling to be the world of IT. He started his career in the service management department of T-Systems, where he became a Service Delivery Manager for a large Dutch account. Afterwards, he continued his role as SDM in one major health insurance company in Slovakia. Finally, a year ago he joined FPT Slovakia with the challenge to advance their presales operations into the next level.

Additional information

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Learn how to fully utilize the features related to rules in Solibri with the help of our Rules tutorial series. We are introducing the fundamental concepts required to successfully create new rulesets, append rules to existing rulesets, refine rules and deploying these to other projects.

For additional help material on rules, please go to our online Help Center.

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Solibri Developer Platform is meant for the developers who want to customize Solibri through API’s. Developers can customize, for example, rules in addition to custom views, information and settings. To facilitate development the Solibri Developer Platform includes an API landscape, a documentation package, and a dedicated discussion section in Solibri Society. To join the Solibri Developer Platform, please register to the Solibri Society first.

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Solibri Society is an online forum, which offers the possibility for corresponding communication for different kinds of Solibri related topics. To get access to Solibri Society, please register here. Once we have confirmed that you are an active Solibri user, you will receive a confirmation email and access to Solibri Society.