Experiences in development and use of a digital Building Information Model, the HITOS Project

Solibri Model Checker was one of the softwares used in the BIM pilot project of Statsbygg (The Norwegian Agency of Public Construction and Property).

"Solibri Model Checker (SMC)
Came into use in June 2006 with a training course held in week 25. Can be used as a viewer and to heck models against each other. Seems to be a very effective tool for revealing conflicts in a given model and between disciplines. As such, it seems able to effectively solve the geometric element of our work – with the architects and other disciplines and clearly represents an advance with regard to traditional design. We see significant potential in reduction of the risk of disagreement between the various disciplines on the geometric planet."

"This is a highly functional program, but does require a little training to make use of its potential. To run the program rationally requires a relatively updated PC, including minimum 1 Gbyte RAM. Import of models from all disciplines is easy, as is creating a common model as basis for various model checks in "Rule Sets". The program is intuitive and above all: It works. We had problems with the 3D viewer, but this was due to the screen driver in the PC, which was not updated. Solibri seems to generally be the ideal first choice in a design process."