KUBUS introduces BIMcollab®

The world’s first OpenBIM issue management platform in the cloud

Eindhoven, Netherlands 4 November – KUBUS announces the introduction of a new ground breaking product in one of the most interesting front lines of BIM: BIMcollab®. This BCF based issue management system in the cloud operates across applications. It helps bridging the differences between BIM tools and targets the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies working on construction projects. BIMcollab® is designed to manage issues during design and construction phases where BIM is used.

“Most issue trackers lack key features to support a reliable and smooth BIM workflow for the multidisciplinary construction projects. That is why we created an easy-to-use, though powerful, issue tracking system for BIM projects.” says Erik Pijnenburg CEO of KUBUS

Issues found with, for instance, Solibri Model Checker or BIMsight can be published to BIMcollab®. The BIM modeller will be automatically notified and can immediately lookup the problematic objects in his BIM authoring tool (Revit, ArchiCAD, etc). Once a solution is designed, it takes only one click to resolve the issue and report back to the BIM manager.

“In any construction project many unexpected problems and issues arise which are hard to manage and keep track of. BIMcollab® centralizes issue management in the cloud and simplifies this process by offering a structured way of storing, sharing and managing issues.” Ronald de Graan director of product management at KUBUS. “But more important, you have the information where it's needed most: directly within your BIM model checker and BIM authoring tools.”

BIMcollab® offers easy access anywhere and anytime from any device like mobiles and tablets. It also allows creating issues by taking photo’s right at the construction site. The real-time connections ensure up-to-date information.

With the introduction of BIMcollab® we now offer the full version of our BCF Managers for free. These add-ons for Revit, simplebim and ArchiCAD have a direct link to BIMcollab® from the before mentioned BIM authoring tools.

BIMcollab® will be officially released in the first week of December.


For more information visit www.bimcollab.com




KUBUS offers BIM for Design & Build and is exclusive distributor for Graphisoft and Gold partner of Solibri, Inc. in the Benelux. KUBUS promotes OpenBIM and IFC workflow solutions and is developer of the most widely used software for Building Specifications for Dutch standards, cost-calculations and eco-cost material analysis based on BIM. KUBUS developed BIMcollab®, world’s first cloud based issue management system for BIM. From offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and Belgrade, KUBUS services currently over 3.000 customers within the construction industry of the Benelux.