Major Update Solibri Model Checker Version 3

Solibri Releases Major Update to Solibri Model Checker

New Version Helps Customers Accelerate the Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM)
HELSINKI, Finland, April 15, 2005 — Solibri, Inc. today announced a new version of Solibri Model Checker, the market leading software for checking and analyzing 3D Building Information Models (BIM) for integrity, quality and physical security. As a result of increased automation and streamlined design processes, Solibri Model Checker saves time and reduces design related costs.

The Biggest Single Step in the Development of the System since its Launch

The new version 3 helps the customer to locate, prioritize, and eliminate design issues directly in the CAD system. “Solibri Model Checker offers great value-add for all organizations taking their steps in adopting BIM. With the improved ability to reveal and tackle potential design flaws at an early stage, the new version improves the overall productivity of the design process and enables customers to move faster in realizing the BIM benefits and enjoying a fast return on investment,” said Heikki Kulusjärvi, CEO of Solibri.

“We have seen Solibri Model Checker been used extensively to review designs and approve BIM deliveries. With the new version we are taking our customers one step further: helping the user to locate and eliminate design problems directly in the CAD tool.”

Enhanced Ease of Use with Broader Functionality

Solibri Model Checker Version 3 provides the following major improvements:
• New Intuitive User Interface with Customizable Desktop
• Advanced 3D visualization for highlighting problem areas
• Prioritizing design issues into three groups based on severity
• Single User Interface for analyzing the model and managing the rules
• Enhanced Functionality for Zone Management and Egress Analysis
• Solibri Issues Locator for Autodesk ADT and Graphisoft environments
• Advanced reporting in XML, RTF and PDF formats

About Solibri

Solibri, Inc. was founded in 1999 to develop and market solutions that improve the quality of Building Information Models (BIM) and make the entire design process more productive. Solibri is well recognized as the pioneer in providing out of the box software that automates the checking and analysis of BIM model, saving time and money. Our customer base contains a fast growing number of building owners and users, construction companies, architects and engineering firms in Europe and North America.

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