New! Solibri Model Checker v.4.1

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HELSINKI, Finland, September 27, 2006 — Solibri, Inc. today announced a new version 4.1 of Solibri Model Checker (SMC), the market leading software for automated design review and analysis of Building Information Models (BIM).
Solibri Model Checker™ (SMC) version 4.1 introduces a quantum leap forward on Building Information Modeling analysis. The main new theme of this version is the comparison between BIM files. This covers the comparison of different versions of the same design, for example, two architectural models, analyzing of load bearing components of structural design against architectural design, or building services against architectural design.

Differences Between two BIM Designs

Version Comparison Rules analyze two BIM files of the same design and show visually differences in component information. You can instantly see added, removed or modified components. Based on your selection you can focus on changes in 3D geometry or the whole information context of the components.
The analysis also automatically reports changes in quantity information, for example, wall volume differences sorted by type.
These new features give you the possibility to verify if the agreed modifications have been done. They also help you in documenting the changes you have yourself done between design versions.

Compare Structural Model Against Architectural Model

Load bearing walls in architectural design should have counterparts in structural design occupying the same space. In some cases “load bearing wall” requirement is solved with Columns and Beams and a light structured Wall.
The new advanced algorithms of Solibri Model Checker will automatically (out of the box) report cases where these counterparts don’t fill the set requirements.
Using Solibri’s innovative Automated Issue Navigator the components with problems can be easily located and visualized.

Convincing Results in Real Projects

“Our customers have been asking for the possibility to compare BIM files to see what really has been changed between the two design versions. Now we are happy to say that this dream has come true” said Heikki Kulusjärvi, CEO of Solibri.
Enhanced Ease of Use with Broader Functionality

Solibri Model Checker Version 4.1 provides the following major features:
•    Model Comparison Analysis
•    Conformity between Architectural and Structural models including reasoning for walls and slabs modeled with beams and columns in structural model
•    Report layout of RTF and PDF reports optimized for better readability and reduced length
•    Report tables generated by rules can now be excluded from RTF and PDF reports
•    The behavior of severity icons is modified to indicate more clearly the status of the decisions made by user
•    Viewpoints and comments can now be added to all issue levels including the single components
•    Multi-selection of issue items is now possible to view several issues at the same
•    Support for IFC Element Quantities. This enables viewing all extended properties in IFC files
•    New color schemes for Architectural and Structural domains

About Solibri
Solibri, Inc. was founded in 1999 to develop and market solutions that improve the quality of Building Information Models (BIM) and make the entire design process more productive. Solibri is well recognized as the pioneer in providing out of the box software that automates the design review and analysis of BIM files, saving time and money. Our customer base contains a fast growing number of building owners and users, construction companies, architects and engineering firms worldwide.  

For additional information please contact
Heikki Kulusjärvi, email [email protected]