Solibri 11/2019 Release Highlights: Wrapping Up the Year with Features Users Requested

This release brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere. Update to the new version to get improved options to controlling your models and presenting issues.

You asked for it – we're delivering! New features based on user requests

Having more control over how to color models was the most requested feature we received this year. And we are happy to deliver it, just in time for the holidays.

Watch the video to see how it works, along with the new IFC entity names. Find out more information on all the new functionalities this new version offers by reading further.

More control over visualization with classification colormaps

With the implementation of "Classification colors", users have more control over how they can visualize – i.e. color – certain components in their model based on classifications. Classifications can now be set as the default colormap, which automates the process of setting the model’s colors.

Use standard IFC entity names

From Solibri version 9.10.4 onwards, standard IFC Entity names will be displayed. IFC Entity names can be found under the Identification tab, and can be used in classification, ITO, rules and filters. Now, with these standard entity names provided, customers can collaborate better with other software which use standard IFC entity names, without having to do any additional mapping.

Improved options to present issues

There are two features that bring better options to presenting issues: new thumbnail sizes and adding images to issues.

This release will offer new sizes for viewpoint thumbnails: XL and XXL. The new, bigger thumbnail sizes make it easier to visually inspect and compare the original thumbnail to the current model. This also makes it easier to see, for example, measurement details in thumbnails.

Viewpoint screenshots of an issue can now be replaced by an image from your own disk. For example, while operating on-site, you can now take a photo of the real-world situation and attach it to an issue in the BCF presentation.

Other improvements

We have also made some performance improvements, in addition to fixing some bugs.

You can find more detailed information on all the release contents from the Release Notes. Contact your Solibri Admin to get the new version.