Solibri 9.12.1 Release Highlights: Get organized!

Solibri version 9.12.1 brings a new feature requested by our users: the grouping of classifications. Organize your different classifications into categories to have them in order. Update to the new version to enjoy these improvements!

This improvement introduced in our new Solibri version helps especially the users who have various different classifications. It is now possible to arrange your different classifications into categories, similar to how model categories work.

To add a new category for classification, right-click on a classification, go to "Categories" and "Choose". Click the "New Category" button in the pop up that appears. Give your category a name and click OK to add it.

More possibilities with APIs

We have added more possibilities to customize Solibri via the Solibri Developer Platform and it’s APIs. For example, we have made improvements on how to work with geometric representations, especially manipulation operations. We have also extended the REST API with additional commands that can be called outside Solibri, e.g. changing the camera view.

Improved BCF Live Connector

We have received valuable feedback after the release 9.12.0 and introducing the new BCF Live Connector. Among others, we have improved the Value Conversion and Conflict Resolution Dialogs to prevent unnecessary and multiple pop-ups appearing at once.

Version 9.12.1 has also added a dialog to remind users about ending an active BCF Live session before switching to another project, in order to limit the possibility of accidentally adding issues from the incorrect SMC file project to an active BCF Live session.

Other improvements

We have also made some performance improvements, in addition to fixing some bugs.

You can find more detailed information on all the release contents from the Release Notes.

Contact your Solibri Admin to get the new version. Please note that in order to get this new version, in addition to comprehensive customer support and all the future software releases, you need to have a valid Support & Service Agreement or Subscription.