Solibri 9.12.10 Release Highlights: A Brush Up Before Summer Holidays

Solibri version 9.12.10 is a maintenance release focused on improving the existing features, such as BCF Live, and fixing commonly reported bugs. Update to the new version to get the enhanced Solibri.

This release brings fixes for some of the most commonly reported bugs, as well as improvements to the BCF Live Connector. For example, now when creating a new issue via BCF Live, Solibri will automatically populate the issue description in the description field.

Furthermore, some users have experienced an issue where viewpoints were not synced properly to some BCF servers, due to limitations within these servers. In order to provide a clearer indication when cases like this happen, we have added a new sync error that lets you know when your viewpoint was not synced.

We’ve also added a new shortcut key, for better usability. From now on, you can press “B” to create a section box in the results view. 

We have also fixed some bugs. For example, the one where creating a presentation using BCF report 2.1 brought back previously hidden components. The problem is now fixed with this release. 

You can find more detailed information on all the release content from the Release Notes.

To get the new version, use the auto-update feature or contact your Solibri Administrator. Please note that to get this new version, as well as comprehensive customer support and all future software releases, you need to have a valid Support & Service Agreement or Subscription.