Solibri 9.12.9 Release Highlights: Powering up 3D model visualization for better user experience

Solibri version 9.12.9 brings to life some of the most requested visualization and UX features by our users.

Visual checking is an essential part of a model review workflow, and it can be a tedious, time-consuming process. In this release, we’re introducing new visualization features to enhance user experience and make visual checking easier and faster. Now you can color fill the section planes, render model edges and sort transparent components.

Watch the video to see how the new features work and update to the latest version for an enhanced user experience.

Color fill for section planes - Now, you can color sections of the model in the cutting plane view (Sectioning Tool) for better navigation and visual checking. For each project, you can choose to color the section planes with solid color, component color, and adjust the transparency. You can also color sections by discipline. Find out how to use it. 

Color fill for section planes is the most voted feature on Solibri Society, the forum where Solibri users can ask questions, get answers, and suggest new ideas. Make sure to check it out!

3D model edge rendering – This feature allows you to control the way your model outlines are rendered and visualized in the 3D model viewer. Turn the edge rendering on to enjoy a better look & feel of your models and a smoother visual checking experience. You can control the edge line color, thickness, and transparency.

Component transparency ordering - When federating a model, it’s common to combine many elements with different colors and transparency settings, which makes it more difficult to spot issues in intersecting components. With the new feature, Solibri orders transparent components based on proximity to the camera, so that you could better view their positioning, find issues and create better reports. Find out how to use it. 

Other improvements

We also fixed several BCF Live and usability issues, such as Solibri automatically zooming out of the model after a component has been deleted. You can find more detailed information on all the release content from the Release Notes.

To get the new version, use the auto-update feature or contact your Solibri Administrator. Please note that to get this new version, as well as comprehensive customer support and all future software releases, you need to have a valid Support & Service Agreement or Subscription.