What’s new in Solibri Office – February 2023

This release introduces an easy way of doing geometric clash detection, relations filter for a more precise workflow, and other enhancements to help users maximize productivity.

The newest Solibri Office release (v 9.13.2) offers several improvements to key features and enhancements to help users streamline their quality assurance workflow and maximize productivity. Check out the top 5 highlights and update to the new version. 

#1. Geometric clash detection made easy with the new role

Doing clash detection has never been easier with the new “out of the box” solution for geometric validation. The new role, “Geometric Validation,” consolidates the relevant resources (rules, classifications, ITOs) for geometric clash detection based on IFC classifications. It includes Clash Detection, Conformity and Reinforcement Check to help you get the best geometric out of your model. Now users can save time on manual checks and get accurate and reliable results every time. Learn more. 

Geometric Validation

#2. New relation filter for classifications, rules, and ITOs

When editing ‘Relations’ inside ITOs, Classifications, and Rules, you can now use a filter option to select objects with multiple relations for a more precise workflow. For example, you can use the filter to select all doors on the second floor next to a staircase. Next, you can check, for instance, whether those doors are fire exit doors. Learn more. 

Relations filter

#3. Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud & BIM 360 just got better

In the end of 2022, Solibri introduced direct integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and BIM 360 – learn more. In this release, we’ve followed up on several updates based on users’ feedback. Users can open IFC files stored in BIM 360 or ACC projects directly from within Solibri without the need to download and maintain multiple local files. Enjoy the benefit of having one source of truth for all your model files. Learn more. 

#4. Classification deeplink: maintain the existing connection between classifications, rules and ITOs

We've made tracking the relations between your classifications, rules, and ITO easier. If you now change the name of a classification, you will be asked whether you want to link the renamed classification to the previous relations again. In this way, their relations are maintained throughout, and the Classification - Rules & ITO workflow functions steadily. Learn more. 

#5. Gatekeeper rule remains in the Checking view

In previous Solibri versions, Gatekeeper rules used to disappear when their components were not present in the model. Starting from this version (9.13.2), the gatekeeper rule remains in the Checking view even if there are no components to check. In this case, the ➖ symbol is shown in the Results view after checking. This also means that since no results were found with the gatekeeper, there are no elements to be passed to the sub-rule(s). Learn more.



Other improvements

More improvements and bug fixes are included in this release, for example, additional IFC 4 components that Solibri now supports. You can view the full list of improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes.

Take advantage of the new improvements and update to the latest version.

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