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SMC and BIM Use Cases   What good is data if you don't know its accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement?   If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow.
  • COBie/O&M/Facility Management
  • LOD
  • Model QA/QC
  • Code Compliance (AutoCodes)
  • Construction Site Safety
  • Owner Space Audits
  • Automation
  • Coordination
  • BIM Guidelines & Requirements
  • As-built verification and validation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • BIM Validation and Verification
  • Model Comparison
  • GSA - Spatial Validation
  • Information Takeoff - Estimating
Automation - Creating Presentations on the Fly - The central focus of SMC is to run checks on models that are submitted. When issues are found, they are presented to the project team for resolution. One form of sharing these issues is via slides. SMC makes it possible for you to generate these slides manually, or automatically.  This article will give you some insight with regard to collecting and sharing these issues, visually.   Please follow this link to learn more about the ability to create on the fly presentations:   Coordination - Forward and Backward Relations in SMC - SMC, at its core, consists of multiple data sources that are connected or related. This means there is a hierarchy with respect to model elements. For example, there is a building, a floor and then a room, as part of the structure. Each object (or element) in a model has some relationship to another object (or objects), and these relationships are usually identified as backward or forward, in practice. A quick example is a room has a backward relationship to a floor, with a forward relationship established to a piece of furniture.   Please follow this link to better understand how relations are organized and presented in SMC:  

Tips & Tricks - Optimizing SMC

  TT- Silent Installation and Other Administrator Documentation - As SMC use grows within the organization, we are often asked about the possibility of supporting silent installation.   Please follow the link below to understand how SMC can meet this requirement:   TT - Resetting a Forgotten Password  -  Another fairly basic, but frequently encountered issue for the end-user. This tip will help you if you encounter this situation.   Please follow the link below to better understand this solution: