SMC and SMV v.9.7.11 Maintenance Release Notes

Below are the details of the maintenance release notes for both Solibri Model Checker (SMC) and Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) v.9.7.11: Solibri Model Checker Main Updates:   Change in username Until now, users have only had the possibility to set the username seen in reports. With this release, the username will be the same as Solibri Solution Center (SSC) username or a ‘Reporting Identity’.  This change allows better control and a more consistent usage of identifying the user who has created a report or issue. (The change to add a Reporting Identity is done by the SSC administrator if it is wanted).   Saved layout sets From version 9.7.11, it was possible to save different layouts for different roles within your team. Now there is a new dialog in Settings -> Layout Sets. This allows you to save layout sets that can be used in roles and company extensions.   SMC Trial File format   Models also saved by a SMC trial license now have their own file format. Those files can be only opened by the same user who has saved the model. If the user is using a ‘normal’ SMC license, the model can be saved in the regular SMC format.   SMC small improvements and bug fixes As with any maintenance version, there are small improvements asked by multiple customers. These include:
  • Project as a location type in Information Takeoff – this allows the addition of a time stamp and other IFC header information to be included to ITO reports
  • Visual indicator of new or updated extensions to help users to know when they should install or update an extension
  • More clear information of SMC usage levels inside a company – utilization percentage in peak report (statistics in SSC) takes company working hours into account (8 hours by default)
  New File formats  - (SMV) SMV is a tool to view models and issues created in SMC. It is possible to comment on issues, and send commented issues back to a SMC user (to update presentations). From version 9.7.11, the file format of SMV differs from the SMC file format to avoid saving the commented model instead of the ‘master model’. Files saved with SMV can only be opened by SMV. The suggested workflow is to use (file based) BCF to combine comments of all stakeholders into a single ‘master model’.   SMV Pro We have introduced a new product, Solibri Model Viewer Pro. It includes the Issue Sorter View (as requested by many customers) and possibility to use the BCF Connector extension. Please read more about SMV Pro from     SMV free version requires registration The current free of charge version of Solibri Model Viewer is still available. However, the usage of this free software requires registration (to be done once for each user in each computer in which they are running SMV). If a user is running SMC without a license, SMV starts as before and then the user must register for the first time when they use the software.