Solibri 9.12.6 Release Notes

This release introduces a completely new features, Solibri Score, as well as other general bug fixes.

New features

Solibri Score:

Solibri 9.12.6 introduces a new feature called "Solibri Score". The purpose of this feature is to provide a greater understanding of the quality of your project by visualizing a set of simple KPIs:

  1. Project complexity = Shows how many components have issues out of the total checked components on a project.
  2. Project rules coverage = Shows how many rules have been used in a project out of the total rules relevant for the user's industry.
  • Solibri Score will be available as a new view layout as well as a dockable view.
  • The score results will update each time you run your checking.
  • For Project rules coverage, you need to select your industry from the dropdown menu.
  • Hovering over the charts will show additional information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with general Intersection rule throwing NPE error.
  • Fixed regression issues where Solibri treated archived BLC issues as a new issues.
  • Fixed BCF Live Connector’s issue duplication with BIMcollab and BIM Track.
  • Java version has been updated to Java 16.
  • Mac Installers now contain JDKs.