Solibri 9.13.0 Release Notes

This release introduces new integration possibilities with CDEs, support for additional IFC 4 components, important security updates, and more.



  • Introducing Integrations – a new feature set to help you build better workflows with other existing BIM tools, Online services & CDEs.
  • You can manage all your integrations in one place and see which integrations you are connected to in the new “Integrations” tab in Solibri menu.
  • The first integration available is Documents API - a new model management integration in collaboration with buildingSMART. This integration offers an easy way to access and synchronize your project files from CDEs, such as Bimsync, Aconex, and Buildercom.

Security improvements
To ensure that Solibri complies with the latest security requirements, we have updated several important libraries used by our software.

Support for IFC4 components

  • Added support for the following components: Actuator, Alarm, Audio Visual Appliance, Burner, Cable Fitting, Chimney, Civil Element, Communications Appliance, Controller, Distribution Circuit, Distribution Control Element, Distribution System, Electric Distribution, Board, Engine, External Spatial Element, Flow Instrument, Geographic Element, Interceptor, Mechanical Fastener, Medical Device, Protective Device Tripping Unit, Sensor, Shading Device, Solar Device, Spatial, Element, Spatial Zone, System Furniture Element, Unitary Control Element, Vibration Isolator, Voiding Feature.
    Please note: Older version of Solibri won’t open models with these components types.
  • Added support for Importing IfcAdvancedBrep with IfcPlane surface.
  • Fixed import of door operation type IfcZone as Zone (previously imported as System)
  • Predefined type of system is shown in Info view

Free extensions for e-comm and SSO Enterprise users (subscription users)
All 21 public extensions are now available in the Extensions tab for SSO Enterprise users and users who purchased individual subscriptions through


  • Issue description - added support for automatically generated default description as plain text without Html
  • Trimble Connect is now available as a BCF Live Connector server.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Classification rule table cell appeared to have the wrong font color
    • Fixed an issue where Classification name was taken from relation name
    • Fixed an issue where Rule #222 was not showing the right results
    • Fixed an issue where OK and irrelevant icons were lost when disabling/enabling rules
    • Fixed an issue where Checking view scrolling was very slow when multiple rule number 1 copies are present
    • Fixed an issue where an icon in Checking Results was missing a tooltip
    • Fixed an issue where BCF Live Issue Details was displaying the wrong component icon
    • Fixed an issue where Solibri wrongly remembered labels from a closed BCF live session
    • Fixed an issue where StreamBIM projects were not listed in BCF Live Connector