Solibri 9.13.2 Release Notes

This release introduces an easy way of doing geometric clash detection, relations filter for a more precise workflow, and other enhancements to help users maximize productivity.


1. Introducing a new role Geometric Validation 

An “out of the box” solution for geometric validation based on IFC classifications. The Geometric Validation role will give you more control over you models and make them more efficient when dealing with complex models. We hope that with the included Clash Detection, Conformity and Reinforcement Check you will get the best geometric out of your model. The check is based on the IFC classifications and comes with the Solibri installation as a new role. Learn more.

Geometric Validation

2. Filter option added to relations selection in ITO/Classifications/rules

When editing ‘Relations’ inside ITO/Classifications/rules, you can now use a filter option for a more precise workflow. Learn more.

Relations filter

3. Gatekeeper rule behaves as normal rules

In previous Solibri versions, Gatekeeper rules used to disappear when their components were not present in the model. This has now been fixed so that the Gatekeeper rules stay same as with regular rules. Staring from this version (9.13.2), the gatekeeper rule remains in the Checking view even if there are no components to check. After checking, the ➖ symbol is shown in the Results view. This also means that since no results were found with the gatekeeper, no elements will be passed to the sub-rule(s). Learn more.



Gatekeeper rule

4. Classification deeplink 

In previous versions, the connection between the classification and its rules would disappear once the classification name was changed. From this version onwards, the classification and its rules are linked so that the connection is not lost upon renaming. Once the classification is renamed, and changes are saved, Solibri will provide a warning dialog about the resources that require your attention. Learn more. 

Classification deeplink

5. CSET files are now visible in the ruleset manager
When navigating through the file selection dialog in the ruleset manager, Solibri will show if there are CSET files available in the folder. 


6. More IFC4 components are now supported

Added support for the following:

  • IfcIShapeProfileDef
  • IfcAsymmetricIShapeProfileDef
  • LiningToPanelOffsetX/Y in IfcDoor/WindowLiningProperties

Bug Fixes

    • Integrations (BIM 360/ACC)
      • Fixed an issue where the recent model and recent model places did not update when opening a model from either CDE or BIM360 server.
      • Fixed an issue where the file version number would increase in Solibri, when previous version is restored on BIM 360 server.
      • Fixed an issue where the ‘Save As’ dialogue box disappears if .smc extension is removed from the file name.
      • Fixed an issue where Solibri did not display all available files from BIM 360 server.
      • Fixed an issue where Solibri allowed opening and overwriting of locked files.
      • Updated the refresh token expiry time (from 1 hour to 14 days).
    • Other bug fixes
      • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t open IFC zip files with ISO_8859_1 characters in the entry name.
      • Fixed an issue where 3D rendering of a sprinkler IFC file was incorrect.
      • Fixed an issue where ‘Update all models’ in the selected folder from the model categories was not working.
      • Fixed an issue where comments were added to the wrong slide when selected from Issue Sorter.
      • Fixed an issue where conditional formatting was lost in excel template reports.
      • Fixed an issue where the position of some beams/assemblies were incorrectly displayed.
      • Fixed an issue where Viewpoint sync was failing in Trimble Connect.
      • Fixed an issue where Solibri would add issue viewpoint and comment to the wrong issue.
      • Fixed an issue where names of ITOs were truncated.
      • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t pin items in “recent places” panel.
      • Fixed an issue where rules were reported in the wrong order in the Result Summary report.