Solibri 9.13.8 Release Notes

Update to version 9.13.8 for the new Favorites tab in your Info View, upgrades to IDS workflow and other improvements.

This update brings new features in the Info View, updates to IDS workflows, enhanced resources exchange via Intergrations and several smaller improvements. We also have some important news to share with you – Solibri is IFC 4 certified by buildingSMART.

Favorites tab in Info View

Favorites tab in Info view allows the users to build and organize custom lists of the most used properties displayed in the Info view tabs. There is a new tab in the Info view, Favorites, where all the favorite properties can be stored. A property item can be added to “Favorites” by right-clicking on it and selecting the respective function:

Favorites Info tab 1

Properties can also be directly browsed and selected through the “Favorites” tab. The items selected to “Favorites” view can be ordered and added to suitable, self-created categories through the right-click context menu:

Favorites Info Tab 2

The “Favorites” view can contain several lists of hand-picked properties. These lists appear as sub-tabs in the “Favorites” view and can be renamed as well saved as XML file templates with the file extension .favorite so that they can be reused in other projects:

Favorites Info Tab 3

The new Favorites tab in Info view provides the users a quick and easy access to just the right information they need in their current project, and enables also sharing this information content with other users and projects.

IDS improvements

We have made significant improvements to the IDS (Information Delivery Specification) rule within Solibri, based on the feedback we have received.

In particular, the content of an imported IDS file is now displayed as several separate rules, which simplifies the management of issues and makes it easier to detect potentially missing application options.

IDS Update

Additional improvements include

  • Ability to choose IDS files as a resource in the checking segment.
  • Supporting simultaneous opening of multiple IDS files and XML formats.
  • Display the specified IFC version.

Here’s a reminder about what IDS exactly means:

Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a nascent standard proposal under the umbrella of BuildingSMART and represents a visionary approach to the exchange of information requirements. IDS is designed to be read by both humans and machines and is intended to replace certain features of the existing mvdXML format (BuildingSMART). While mvdXML is multifunctional, IDS focuses on a single but central task: verifying that the information embodied in the IDS file is embedded in a BIM model.

Enhanced Resource Exchange

In addition to IFC and SMC file formats, Solibri resources such as:

  • Information Takeoff (ITO)
  • Rulesets
  • Classifications
  • Filters
  • BCF files
  • Excel reports
  • Reports (BCF Reports, General Reports, Coordination Reports)
  • Hierarchies
  • Materials
  • IDS

can now be seamlessly opened directly from existing Solibri integrations like Trimble Connect, ACC/BIM360, SharePoint or OneDrive and saved back into the integration.

Enhanced Resource Exchange

This streamlines workflow efficiency, enabling smoother resource management within the integrated environment.

Hierarchy Addition - IfcProject

We have enhanced the model hierarchy within Solibri by adding the display of the IfcProject structure alongside other key elements like IfcSite, IfcBuilding, IfcStorey, and IfcSpace.

IfcProject Hierarchy update

This improvement offers users enhanced navigation and organization, providing valuable context and understanding of project hierarchy for better interpretation of relationships between different components.

IFC Certification

We are proud to announce that we have been officially certified as an IFC4 import capable software product by buildingSmart.
This certification underscores our commitment to fully supporting open standards like IFC4, ensuring seamless collaboration and interoperability for our users.

IFC Certification participants

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

IFC Improvements:

  • Added support for IfcPort and IfcDistributionPort. By default this is turned off in IFC settings.
  • Added support for Group in the container list in component type.
  • Enhanced the readability of parser error messages to understand and troubleshoot any parsing issues.
  • Fixed an issue where IfcPropertyBoundedValue with IfcMassFlowRateMeasure wasn’t imported correctly.
  • Defaulted IfcVoidingFeature and IfcFeatureElementSubtraction to invisibility.

Info View:

  • Added support for IfcSpatialStructureElement.CompositionType attribute.
  • Added support to show Window operation type in Info View.
  • Fixed an issue where relative elevations of decomposed objects weren’t shown correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where door and window width was calculated wrongly.


  • Fixed an issue where renaming a presentation did not change the sorting order.


  • Limited the size of classification dialog not become too large to fit to the screen.
  • Classification tree remembers now expanded nodes after editing classification.
  • Fixed an issue where the excel import of rules didn’t handle “Any” correctly.

Model Tree View

  • Fixed an issue where the subsystem wasn’t visible in the Model Tree view.

Rules and Checking:

  • Removed needless warning dialog when checked selected components.
  • Rule #1: Fixed an issue where the rule is producing the wrong result when components are intersected at a single point.
  • Rule #176: Fixed an issue where the discipline parameter wasn’t taken into account while checking the rule.
  • Rule #209: Fixed a UI issue where the required panel is shown only when the filter is selected.
  • Rule #231: Fixed an issue where NullPointerException was thrown with a specific model.
  • Rule #234: Fixed an issue where some UI components were editable when they were not supposed to be when they were selected in Rule Libraries.

Rule 244 (IDS Rule):

  • Integrated the capability to handle Boolean values.
  • Now it is possible to see which IFC schema is in the rule parameters description.
  • Now it is possible to see the datatype in the rule parameters description.
  • Improved the wording of descriptions in checking results.
  • Fixed an issue where IDS was throwing an error when relations were specified in invalid character cases.
  • Fixed an issue where exceptions were thrown for IDS files with no defined xsd:restriction.
  • Fixed an issue where the IDS Rule was reporting the wrong message when checking “maxOccurs” of a specification.
  • Updated the rule for case-insensitive attribute name matching.

BCF-Live Connect

  • Added option to disable proxy in case the BCF server is on premises: -Dbcf-live-disable-proxy=true
  • Added a setting allowing users to decide whether to map models based on filename or IFC header name.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor was jumping to the beginning of the text while editing the issue description.


  • Improved the open and save dialog for BIM360 and Trimble integrations, they now remember the last used location.
  • Fixed an issue related to parsing authentication codes for TrimbleConnect and BIM360.

General UI:

  • Added support to close Ok-Cancel using the ‘Esc’ button.
  • Updated missing Icons for project, material, and group elements.
  • Fixed an issue where Angle quantity is not listed in the property selector.


  • Added support for automatic updates with PDF and DWG files.
  • Added support for closing of sub-models.
  • Fixed an issue where updating the model now specifically searches for an exact filename match, rather than considering the full path.


  • Improved the speed of filter queries
  • Streamlined classification editing, reducing time by up to 50% for large models.
  • Enhanced rendering speed by up to 30% for large models.