Solibri ASSIST: Solibri Anywhere webinar sessions

In our next Solibri ASSIST webinar sessions, we provide information on how to work with Solibri Anywhere.

Our Solibri ASSIST webinar series continues! In the upcoming sessions, we help you get started with using Solibri Anywhere.

Solibri ASSIST: Solibri Anywhere - working in isolation

Tuesday 28 April 2020 at 10:00 UTC

This session will look at the Solibri Anywhere workflow when working with IFC models. We will look at the process of federating (merging) models from different sources or disciplines, brief navigation, visually identifying and annotating issues then adding them to a presentation before reporting these to others involved in the project.

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Solibri ASSIST: Solibri Anywhere - collaborating with others

Thursday 30 April 2020 at 10:00 UTC

This session will look at how Solibri Anywhere can be used to collaborate with other Solibri users on a project. Rather than start from IFC models, we will examine the workflow when working with .SMC models that have come from Solibri Office, Solibri Site or another Solibri Anywhere user. We will see how to work with existing presentations to verify and comment on any issues and how to feedback updates to the other parties.

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The webinars are held in English. The attendee limit for a webinar session is 500. The sessions will be recorded.

Solibri ASSIST webinar recordings can be found here.