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The digital edition of Solibri Excellence Journal has been published.

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Editor in Chief Russell Anderson reports on the new normal

The period of time passing since our last Journal has been almost unrecognizable when compared to previous years. The intention within our Solibri marketing team was to offer fresh insight and inspiration during early 2020.

2019 was a big year for Solibri. We had a new CEO (Ville Kyytsönen) and the introduction of a new product portfolio. We had continued to grow as a team and had seen a much greater adoption of Solibri globally. We had also introduced a range of new webinars – Customer Insights – where we hear from the real Solibri heroes – our customers and how they use our products to great effect. Everything was making sense and then welcome COVID and everything got turned upside down.

As I write this, Europe is slowly starting to open up and we have been able to focus on what we do best – providing great software to innovative customers. This Journal serves as a reminder to us and hopefully a great read for you on how Solibri is being used. That’s why Ville talks upfront about how building code checking is really changing how governments are tackling construction quality on a massive scale. We’ve also seen our software being shaped and used by customers to build new ecologically friendly projects in wood. These are the kinds of stories that remind us how BIM continues to be needed and a mandated process for all major builds. We’re also very proud that our customers choose Solibri to be part of their toolkit to deliver these buildings of the future.

Our strategic strapline is ‘Creating a digital future of better builds’. Thank you for helping us make that a reality and let’s hope in the near future we’ll be able to share stories and ideas in person once again.