Solibri Funds $21 Million Technology Grant Program to Stimulate Digital Plan Review Adoptation in North America

World’s Leading Model Review Software to Make 3D Plan Checking a Reality for Jurisdictions Scottsdale, AZ, 10 Dec 2012 - Solibri, the global leader in model-based QA/QC technology, through its U.S. operations has established a $21 million grant program that North American Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) can use to acquire Solibri Model Checker technology and receive assistance incorporating Building Information Models (BIM) into the digital review process. Interested AHJs are encouraged to apply for the technology grant immediately at the Solibri website (, following the link for AHJ Grants. The grant program is designed to extend the use of Building Information Models (BIMs), which are utilized primarily by Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry firms, to government agencies engaged in regulatory compliance. Solibri Model Checker is an industry-acclaimed software application for BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC), and is expected to play a key role in bringing greater consistency, efficiency and accuracy to the digital review and approval process. “Using digital tools to conduct plan and code compliance review is finally getting serious traction in the US and Canada, especially with 2D files”, said Jonathan Widney, President of Solibri LLC. “Taking the next step in streamlining the process means including 3D/BIM files. The Solibri Model Checker excels at performing repeatable review tasks, such as accessibility and egress analysis, so government officials can focus on code intent and other higher-level activities. AHJ’s will be able to check BIM files quickly for compliance with applicable building codes and to use the power of visualization to better communicate issues.  A faster, more accurate approval process has the potential to stimulate economic development while increasing safety in the built environment,” he added.

Three Compelling Reasons

According to Mr. Widney, the adoption of a digital review process by AHJs is a major advancement for both government and private industry, highlighting three key drivers that inspired Solibri’s decision to establish the grant program.
  • Stimulating Economic Growth – Streamlining the process will result in more consistent results in a shorter time period, allowing for quicker permit issuance and generating tax revenues much sooner through improved productivity and transparency.
  • Sustainability – Going paperless is a win/win on so many fronts at a time when all fossil fuel related activities are both expensive and resource depleting. Continuing to model in 3D, then submit in paper is illogical, time consuming and costly.
  • Efficiency in Building Design – For BIM to continue to evolve into a streamlined process of data re-use, we need to include the AHJs in the discussion, and the process.
“We have created this program because we believe this is the right time to introduce BIM to the AHJs. This will make it possible for them to catch up with the technology and help revolutionize the permitting process. The use of BIM has been increasing steadily in the private sector, and there are significant advantages in moving forward now to develop and adopt a hybrid, 2D+BIM digital review process.” “Solibri is a developer of leading edge technology, and the ability to analyze and assess the quality of a BIM is critical. Solibri's focus has always been the quality of what has been modeled. As more models are being authored daily, it is imperative that quality take center stage as a key objective", added Jonathan.

Additional Information

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